Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Mediafire; what a useful technology! The content uploaded onto here can be accessed from any computer at any time; this means no more relying on USB sticks (that can break and get lost) and e-mails (easy to accidentally type the wrong e-mail address in, or have the attachment not open!). The following are examples of various Mediafire uses in an educational context.

The teacher may use Mediafire to back up important information such as report cards and learning portfolios. This means they are safe and can be edited from any computer at any time. Teachers may also use Mediafire as a way to transport documents to and from school (work sheets, homework etc.). Learners may use Mediafire to upload their homework onto rather then, or as well as, relying on email or USB. Mediafire could also be used as a collaborative education tool; if learners were doing a PowerPoint (for example) in group work, they could each have the same login and password, and simply load it back onto Mediafire once they have edited their part of the presentation.

The file I have uploaded is an LEP template; something I believe is worthwhile being able to access from any computer at anytime as a BLM student.

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  1. Hi Nic,

    I too think that this tool is amazing! I never thought such a tool existed. You have some great ideas about how it could be used by the students to replace things like USB's. I also think it would be great for students to upload their work on at school. I have always had trouble with students being unable to access their school hard drive or forgetting their USB, this would solve all those problems.

    Your blog is looking great!