Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Incomptech is a good teaching resource as it enables you to have music of some sort on in the classroom without worrying about royalties and legalities; after all, those are worries a teacher in action simply does not need! The piece of music I just downloaded from Incomptech is called Dances and Dames by Kevin Macleod. The genre of it is Jazz. It is slow and mysterious with many different musical instruments.

I would use a piece of music like this in my classroom in KLA: Music. I have chosen this due to the use of instruments in the song. The learning experience involves the learners sitting in a circle with a different musical instrument each. I will then give each learner 15 seconds to have a turn at playing their instrument and the class must listen carefully to the sound it makes. Once each learner has had a go at this, they will listen to the piece and try to identify the instruments used within it. Learners will then play their instruments again, listen to the music piece again and further discuss the types of instruments they can hear in the piece, including those which will not be in the circle, e.g. drum set and piano.

This lesson would be extremely engaging and effective as the learners would be involved in a direct, purposeful learning experience thanks to its hands-on nature (ACU Adams Centre for Teaching Excellence, 2000).


Reference List

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