Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My experiences and what I have done (so far)..

Wow.. I have learnt so much from this course- Google has so many useful applications!

As a 'digital native' I had heard of podcasts but had no real idea as to what they were or why they exist- this was also similar with blogs and wiki's. Before this, my understanding of a 'wiki' was limited to wikipedia- an information resource which was not deemed reliable or accurate and therefore could not be used as a reference in an assignment (Bolous, Maramba & Wheeler, 2006); this meant I didn't want anything to do with them.

However, through doing the Managing e.Learning course, I have learnt that these applications can be used as educational tools that have the potential to enhance learner-teacher and learner-learner interaction (Bonk & King, 1998). Other educators also believe that electronic learning environments can be used as a tool to enhance collaborative learning as many of the applications require group interaction (Harasim, 1990).

As this activity requires you to discuss what you have done and your experiences, it leaves me with little to say as the only experiences I have had with RSS, podcasts, wiki's and blogs is what I have learnt and done on here in the last five minutes. However, in these last five minutes my learnings have been valuable; when used effectively, blogs, podcasts and wiki's have the potential to dramatically enhance students' learning experiences by increased engagement levels and collaboration in an electronic learning environment (Bolous, Maramba & Wheeler, 2006).



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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Active Learning

Active Learning – Week 2
Activity 1

These are the results achieved from the Learning with Technology Quiz. Through current practice, it has been observed that collaboration, rather than individual practice, is the preferred form of grouping when doing tasks. This is a positive aspect of the current instructional design as it increases student motivation to learn (Kearsley & Shneiderman, n.d.). Although computer and mobile access is readily available in the room, learners generally collaborate through face-to-face contact whilst at school rather than through blogs, or popular socialising sites such as Facebook or Myspace. In this digital age, however, promoting collaboration through technological forms is positively associated with interactive learning (Kearsley & Shneiderman, n.d.). This is something which should definitely be promoted in future instructional designs.

Activity 2
SOSE (uni)- 3

SCIENCE (uni)- 6

MATHS (uni)- 8

ENGLISH (uni)-6

ENGLISH (high school)- 4

HOSPITALITY (high school)- 8

MATHS (high school)-3

HEALTH (uni)- 5

Total Score- 5.375

This is my score for my overall learning experiences in according with Dale’s Cone (learning effectiveness). According to the ratings I have just escaped being ‘unlucky’ in learning, but certainly do not reach where learning experiences are supposed to be in terms of interactive learning. Despite a sample of learning experiences rating 7 or higher, I would strongly agree with this rating overall; the bad certainly outnumber the good.

Activity 3
According to this quiz, I am an active learner and although I have never noticed; it is so true that I learn a whole lot more when my class mates discuss their interpretations of the task/content together in small groups! I find it very effective.
I definitely am a sensing learner! I hate learning about things that have no connection to the real world and I know that’s a bad thing, but I cannot help but think it’s meaningless. I am a perfectionist and analyse every detail when I am working something out; this also conforms to the sensing learner type definition.
The tip for verbal learners was good- I already do this for myself all the time anyway!
And once again, the quiz was right with the sequential learning- I need step-by-step instructions otherwise my mind is unorganised and I get really frustrated!
This quiz taught me things about myself that I sort of knew, but didn’t if that makes sense? It was a really good quiz- knows me better then I know myself!

Hello Everybody :)

Hi my name is Nicole Miller. I am 19, I live in Noosa and this is my E-learning blog! :)

I'm pretty unsure about this whole 'blogging' thing despite being an avid user of facebook. This is my first time on Blogger and I have created this blog specifically for the Managing E-learning course. Soon I will be posting activity one on here and look forward to talking to you all about the topic content on here :)

Thanks- Nic.