Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My experiences and what I have done (so far)..

Wow.. I have learnt so much from this course- Google has so many useful applications!

As a 'digital native' I had heard of podcasts but had no real idea as to what they were or why they exist- this was also similar with blogs and wiki's. Before this, my understanding of a 'wiki' was limited to wikipedia- an information resource which was not deemed reliable or accurate and therefore could not be used as a reference in an assignment (Bolous, Maramba & Wheeler, 2006); this meant I didn't want anything to do with them.

However, through doing the Managing e.Learning course, I have learnt that these applications can be used as educational tools that have the potential to enhance learner-teacher and learner-learner interaction (Bonk & King, 1998). Other educators also believe that electronic learning environments can be used as a tool to enhance collaborative learning as many of the applications require group interaction (Harasim, 1990).

As this activity requires you to discuss what you have done and your experiences, it leaves me with little to say as the only experiences I have had with RSS, podcasts, wiki's and blogs is what I have learnt and done on here in the last five minutes. However, in these last five minutes my learnings have been valuable; when used effectively, blogs, podcasts and wiki's have the potential to dramatically enhance students' learning experiences by increased engagement levels and collaboration in an electronic learning environment (Bolous, Maramba & Wheeler, 2006).



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  1. It is so great that we have found technology in the 21st century that enhances learner-teacher and learner-learner interactions. I believe that 'technology allows for collaborative learning' which is what you have found in your research.
    Just wait until you see some of the technologies in week fours topic. Some of these are just amazing and will definitely enhance students learning.
    Good luck