Monday, September 14, 2009

Student Centred Technologies: Blogs

Given that a class was available to participate in a learning experience involving blogs, I would divide learners into small groups and then have them set up a blog in which they would be required to use for many, if not all science experiments.
The unit that this blog idea would be based around is from the essential learning, Life and Living; specifically about how fungi grows (science experiement). Learners would first brainstorm about where fungi grows, and ask questions detailing what they would like to learn more about. Declarative and procedural knowledge would be built. Groups will then do an experiment trying to grow their own fungi. Each group will keep their experiment in a different environment or use a different food, and the variations will be used to help make predictions about which one may grow fungi faster and why.

Click here to see the science experiment.

Each group will take a photo of their experiment, and post it to their blog. Along with this they will record the purpose of the experiment, and their predictions. Each day, the learners will (as a group) be required to take a photo, and blog any changes made to the experiment and a possible justification. Included in this will be variations such as weather changes (e.g. perhaps a very humid day excelled the growth of the fungi)and the type of fungi (s) they think may be growing.

Learners must also read and comment on other groups blogs, posting their thoughts and predictions to cohorts pages.


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